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Don Leady/tailgators/Rockin Revue: Press

Austin's Tail Gators sound like they are reassembling rock and roll out of its original elements. Lap steels sizzle, fiddles whine, and cheesy guitar riffs light up the night. Yes, this is it: swamp-rock heaven. -- Excerpt from Review of The Tailgators' Mumbo Jumbo album (1986)
A burning mixture of R&B and rockabilly, it's recommended to all rockers. -- Review of The Tailgators' Swamp Rock album (1985)
On Mumbo Jumbo Leady incorporates fiddle, accordion, and lap steel, along with his raunchy guitar and near-yodeling vocals. The [Tailgators] group's sound is raw, the level mostly wide-open. On "I Need Your Love," Leady's tiny Fender amp sounds as though it's about to melt, and on "Maria Elena" he convincingly transforms Los Indios Tabajaras' pop hit into a lowdown R&B belly-rubber. The Gators' ingredients are many, but the outcome is directed towards one aim: Get 'em dancing. On record and onstage they rarely fail to accomplish that goal. -- Excerpt from Pair of Articles on Don Leady and Keith Ferguson ("The Tail Gators' Texas Swamp Rock"), Volume 20, No. 8, Issue 200 (August 1986)
Dan Forte - Guitar Player
From his role as a charter member of Austin roots kings, the Leroi Brothers, to front man for swamp rockers the Tailgators, the conjunto trio Los Cadillos, and his latest creation, Alamo Suite, a three-piece jazz outfit (all of which have the same personnel), Don Leady has proven himself to be such an expert stylistic interpreter, he passes for an original. Alamo Suite, the self-titled album by Leady as jazzbo, works the same turf as Texas guitar great Herb Ellis, messing around with bluesy, jazz-inflected instrumentals. Listening to it is like having a lounge in your own home, without the bothersome barroom smoke or loud talkers at the next table. -- Review of Alamo Suite album (1998)
As an original LeRoi Brother, Leady helped define the strong roots rock scene in Austin. In the Tailgators, he fused Fabulous Thunderbird-style blues with hardscrabble swamp-rock that made the trio enormously popular. In recent years, he's gone jazzier with Alamo Suite, but retained the big guitar sound he mastered long ago. Whatever the musical configuration, Leady's stellar credentials make him worth a listen. -- Recommendation for Performance by Don Leady y Los Cadillos (2001)
These three Austin-based bad boys grind it up good through 13 swamp-stomping, roots-rocking cuts.... Front man and former LeRoi Brothers lead guitar-vocalist Don Leady has set aside his fiddle and accordion this time to serve up some of the tastiest, twangiest guitar work since the Gators' break-through Mumbo Jumbo LP in 1986. Drummer Gary "Mudcat" Smith and bassist Keith Ferguson, who early on played with the Fabulous Thunderbirds, make this a fearsome threesome as they pump out such rockabilly, blues and country-laced numbers as the hard-edge "Hoodoo" and the sinewy, sidewinding "Shake Dance". -- Excerpt of Review of The Tailgators' Hide Your Eyes album (April 30, 1990)
Lisa Shea - People